Mentoring & Supervision

It is a fundamental tenet of good professional practice that teachers and therapists have their own mentor and practice supervisor. A mentor and mentee will discuss together what the expectations are from the sessions and led by the mentee. This will include regularity of sessions, how they are delivered (in person / zoom / phone), and what is to be covered. The mentee is the primary focus of the mentor.

What I offer

There are many things that the mentor and mentee might work on including:

  • discussion of issues affecting the individual
  • development of a personal practice
  • study of texts
  • oversight of the Therapist’s or Teacher’s cases
  • Vedic chanting and chanting of the Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali

Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Students
It is a requirement of all TSYP Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy courses that the student has a mentor and meets with them for a minimum number of sessions during the course.

  • support in their journey through the course
  • developing a personal practice
  • further explanation of concepts discussed on course days
  • help with practice planning and teaching assessments
  • discussion of individual practices for case studies.


For those on a professional course
£45 per hour

£50 per hour

For further discussion of the difference between these two roles please see here