Applying the principles of classical yoga to build resilience for modern life.

Life in the modern world is rarely straightforward and the techniques offered by yoga such as breathing, mindfulness and meditation are as helpful now as they have always been. Each individual class is tailored to the student's personal needs and objectives. Yoga cannot be learned from a book - it must be experienced.

The Veda-s are a collection of texts in the form of chants that were believed to be heard by ancient Indian sages when they were in a deep meditative state. In India the Veda-s have been the primary source of reference for living for thousands of years.

I run bespoke training for staff, such as nurses and doctors who are working on the front line. I use yoga to provide holistic practical self-care skills to build resilience, improve sleep and give practical tools for reducing stress.

Yoga Retreats & Holidays

A yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to escape the demands of modern life and take some time out to breathe, relax and recharge.