Vedic Chanting

“The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings.” 

TKV Desikachar

Vedic Chanting Workshops

Individual classes by request

Group Classes
Saturday mornings:

Once a month in Richmond, 10-11.30am, £10 pp per session:

These workshops are currently suspended due to to the Covid restrictions on singing.

13th February, 6th March, 8th May, 5th June, 3rd July

Please email if interested

The Veda-s are a collection of texts in the form of chants that were believed to be heard by ancient Indian sages when they were in a deep meditative state. In India the Veda-s have been the primary source of reference for living for thousands of years as they contain wisdom on a vast range of topics from everyday life, the human system, relationships, to nature, science, religion and the cosmos. Vedic chanting is becoming increasingly popular for its many benefits:

  • Vedic chanting links body, voice, mind and emotions in a profound way.
  • Vedic chanting produces certain vibrations that can enhance physical and mental health.
  • The close attention needed to listen and reproduce accurately what the teacher is doing means Vedic chanting is very useful in improving concentration and memory.
  • The vast range of Vedic chants allows us to use them in many different contexts and different ways and therefore is a particularly helpful and flexible tool in yoga, healing and therapy.
  • Vedic chanting can also help to calm the mind, whether by practicing, listening or silent mental repetition. For this reason chanting can be an important form of meditation.
  • Vedic chants help in relieving stress and promoting clarity.